Hello world!

Over the past few years I have been writing articles (to myself !) to clarify my thoughts on various topics that have caught my interest, some obscure (e.g. on misconceptions about the different dates of Easter on the Eastern and Western church calendars) and others for mathematical amusement (e.g. on ‘Morley’s Miracle’).  It has been suggested by some family and friends that I should start a blog — so here goes!  I hope some readers will find my postings interesting.

In case you are wondering, the ‘Beormingas’ were the people living in the old Anglo-Saxon settlement in central England founded by Beorma.  This homestead, the ‘Beorminga ham’, was the forerunner of Birmingham, the city in which I was born.  Natives of Birmingham are usually called ‘Brummies’, but this is a colloquial term on a par with ‘Cockney’ for a Londoner or ‘Scouser’ for a Liverpudlian. Thus ‘Beormingan’ is my attempt to coin a more formal and historical name for a native of Birmingham.


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